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Get your web design done in just a few weeks, exactly the way you want.


I will create your website with the functionalities you need and bring your vision to life.

Get a beautiful foundation, engineered to your vision and business, and a peace of mind.

Confidetnly know that your website will reflect what YOU want it to and show your heart behind it.


❀ A easy to use and navigate website platform with a free 30 day hosting.

❀ A persoanized readhy to use website, designed to fit your buisiness and style.

❀ A website that you will proud to send people to.

❀ Your own personalized menue designed for your business needs. 

What to expect…

You'll get a word press website complete with the Divi theme.

An intuitive questionnaire that will help you get your vision out of your head and onto paper so that I can bring it to life.

A way to keep up with what's going on and what's getting done with Trello, a digital organizing tool.

Complete control of your site, domain and even the tech! After your website is completed you'll totally be able to add, remove or tweak whatever you like. Never feel like your held hostage by geeks.

Help with Branding. Colors, fonts and all the details that will make your site uniquely YOU.

Why choose The Modern Hippie Mom to build your site?

♡ Because I will make it easy for you. I know the frustrations of wanting an online business while feeling overwhelmed by all that goes alone with getting online and I take all the frustrations and overwhelm away.

♡ Because I’m honest and you can trust me to take care of you. I will listen to you and you will get your website done your way.

♡ Because I care! I sincerely care that you get what you came for and I will work hard to make sure your thrilled with your website!

♡ Because the price is right!

♡ Because you have all the contol! After your site is built you will never be at the mercy of tech peope. Hire the work out, or do it yourself. Make simple changes with ease! You won’t have to wait for someone to be ready to help you.

♡ Because I know how overwhelming it all can be and I take the overwhelm out of the equation for you, asking all the right questions and am available to answer your questions.

♡ Because I will set it all up for you so that every time you write a headline or genral text it will be in the color you chose and font.

♡ Because it gets done FAST!

♡ Because there is no guessing, you get a questionnaire when you sign up and simply answer the questions I ask you and I do the rest.

♡ I will help you with your branding such as colors and fonts if you’re unsure.

♡ If you are not sure about some aspects of your site, I can make a placeholder graphic for you so that you can move ahead with your site until you are ready for that and not waste any time.


Do I have to use the No Hassle platform? Why?

Yes. Because it’s all I’ll use. I’ve been around the block and I know that No Hassle has the BEST customer service, the most sincere integrity and offers the firmest foundation in the online world.

Do I need to be hosted by No Hassle?

No, you don’t. You can choose your own hosting but I do strongly recommend you concider going with No Hassle’s hosting because they have THE BEST customer service, their response time is bar none and without any extra cost.

Why should I trust you and No Hassle if you're an affiliate?

I became an affiliate AFTER I was a No Hassle Website client and fan for years. I was recommending it all the time even before they had an affiliate program because I love it so much and think that it is the best solution for anyone wanting a webite, wheather it’s for a business, or personal blog. I know how hard it is to get started and if I can help you save some money I’ll do it! My commission helps me to keep my prices down.

Will you continue to manage and update my site for me after you're done customizing my site?

No, I am not an assistant. I set up,  , and structure your website so that it will be ready for you to move ahead with your desired purpose. BUT don’t worry, No Hassle Website is extremely easy to use and gives you video instructions about everything you need to know to move ahead on your own if you wish.. 


Emily was a great help to me! She took the load off my shoulders and made life so much easier so I could get on with other equally important things. 
Really well organised, Emily set up a team Trello board where we could communicate, leave  ideas, graphics, questions and feedback. It was all really easy. 
Emily was quick to respond, open to ideas, helpful with researching extra information and overall a total pleasure to work with. 
I’m still updating copy and images on the site: as per our agreement.
Emily set up the infrastructure and the adjusted the website template to suit my requirements. Excellent service!! 
Abheeti Kathryn Pass

Before my sister Belle started using her teeth brushing chart, she would cry, whine, run away, and hide when it was time to brush her teeth. But after she started using it, everything went good and she didn’t do any of that anymore because it made her start liking brushing her teeth.

Lilly Roberts-Flores


I guarantee to that you will have a website that meets your expectaions and will have the look and fuctions that we agreed upon. 

100% money back guarantee


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